Qardan Hasana Ta'assuraat


A Mumin wanted to do niyaaz in Shehrullah and hence, he placed the potential niyaaz amount as Qardan Hasana in Husain Scheme, for a period ending in Shehrullah. He was of the opinion that once Sherullah came he would withdraw the Qardan Hasana amount and utilise it for niyaaz as per his niyyat. Sherullah came and he did perform niyaaz as per his niyat, but to his astonishment such was the turn of events that he did not have to withdraw even a single penny from the Qardan Hasana amount he had placed in Husain Scheme. How can this be explained? It is definitely manifold barakat of giving Qardan Hasana.

A Mumin running a welfare society had to organise a cataract operation camp. The cost of the camp would run in lacs and the welfare society fund could barely meet 2.5 lacs. By the dua mubarak of Huzurala TUS and tawfeeq, the welfare society decided to place the amount in Qardan Hasana's Husain Scheme, expecting the manifold returns from Allah Ta`ala. In a very short time, the welfare society was able to manage full costs of the cataract operation camp while the amount placed in Qardan Hasana's Husain Scheme remained untouched! How would one explain this nature? Faith? Barakat? Dua? Simply give Qardan Hasana to feel its energy!

As per the farmaan of al-Quran al-Kareem and khushi of Huzurala TUS, a Mumin gave Qardan Hasana in Husain Scheme, although he himself could barely make ends meet. One day, one of his friends asked him whether he would like to go to Karbala for the zyaarat of Imam Husain SA, as he had not been there even once.  He replied that he was incapable of managing the expense. His friend said that he would provide for him and give him Qardan Hasana for a long period, if he wanted to go.  The Mumin obviously said yes! It is one’s niyyat that counts and not the sum of money, while giving Qardan Hasana or doing any deed.